The Drive Thru ATL, A Criticism

The Drive Thru ATL, an all out-door free experimental art showcase designed by members of the nonprofit The Creatives Project (TCP), was by most accounts a smashing success. More than 2,400 showed up from 2-7 p.m. on Jun. 13th for the one-of-a-kind art pop up that brought some Atlanta’s most talented and daring creatives together … Continue reading The Drive Thru ATL, A Criticism

“Hortophilia” — an immersive photographic experience

Sitting in the courtyard of the White Space, a gallery tucked away in one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods with an abandoned, Secret Garden-esque beauty, Charlie Watts and I talk about her recent collection, “Hortophilia”. Well-suited for the venue, the work bears a sense of mystery along with the familiarity of a story forgotten long … Continue reading “Hortophilia” — an immersive photographic experience

Pabst Blue Ribbon’s “Sacred Spaces” at the MINT Gallery

What comes to mind when you think of the phrase “Sacred Spaces”? This was the premise of Pabst Blue Ribbon’s exhibit showcased at the MINT Gallery last Saturday evening on December 14, 2019.  The artists, all of whom were curated by Chris Richards of Pabst Blue Ribbon, were commissioned to create works that depict their … Continue reading Pabst Blue Ribbon’s “Sacred Spaces” at the MINT Gallery