About: Welcome to AFTERMATH, a blog about travel and art. Here, I hope you will indulge both the expressive and explorative parts of your brain. As you read interviews and stories about various artists I meet during my travels, I hope their passion will inspire you and fuel your own creative tendencies.

Mission: The purpose of this project is:

1) To promote up and coming artists, crafts people and entertainers and . . .

2) To ignite an explosion of creativity that rains on the world like confetti.

Advisory: Let it be known that this blog is a safe space for artists, creatives and atypical souls to express their perspectives and identities. In reading these stories, please be respectful; when necessary, agree to disagree, and just sit back and enjoy the ride. 

Yours truly,

Julie Thompson, Writer, Educator, Part-time Traveler, Art Appreciator and Foodie

Contact: aftermaththeblog@gmail.com


Julie earned a Master of Fine Arts in Narrative Nonfiction from the University of Georgia. She is also an alumnus of Georgia Gwinnett College. She has written for The Bitter Southerner as well as several Gwinnett newspapers. She also wrote copy for a digital marketing agency. AFTERMATH was born out of her passion for telling stories, particularly those of artists and alternative lifestyles.

To recommend an artist, suggest a story, or to give feedback on the project, contact her today at aftermaththeblog@gmail.com. If you like her work, be sure to subscribe.


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