What is art? It’s an age-old question that no one has ever really answered. That is not the purpose of this space.  The purpose of AFTERMATH is to share experiences I’ve had during my travels that have made me feel, that have left an impression on me.

Travel has such an effect on my mind that it is in an optimal state for having new experiences. It seems all I encounter during these times — the Uber drive, the graffiti, the food, the drink — is in fact art.

I believe art is all around us, the mixing of oil and vinegar, the crack of a computer screen that acts as a prism or the spillage of gasoline that reflects the rainbow and the blue birds flying beyond. What is most beautiful to me are those happy coincidences, those unintended conversations that lead to an act of creation. What was intended is only relevant in one moment of time. True, we can stretch and warp that moment through language, but ultimately, that creation is destined to follow its own trajectory. It is an offspring that will affect its own circles and leave its footprint in ways never imaged by the parent.

We create. We die. What follows  — the AFTERMATH — of our lives is unpredictable, but through our productivity, perhaps there is afterlife, after all because, as critically inconsequential as it all is, creation has a life of its own.

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